Panasonic Service Authorized

Published On: December 5, 2016

With a fully ruggedized Panasonic Toughbook or Toughpad you are ahead of the game in terms of reliability and durability; but accidents do happen (rarely).  When they do, Nova will be there to service your Toughbook or Toughpad whether it is in or out of warranty.

panasonic-repairNova’s Panasonic trained and certified technicians will:

  • Diagnose the impact of the accident
  • Identify the parts required to repair your Toughbook or Toughpad
  • Provides you with a written estimate of the repair services required and when the repairs will be completed; before the work is done
  • Draw the parts from Nova’s spares inventory
  • Repair your Toughbook or Toughpad on time


  • Bills Panasonic directly for all warranty-entitled repair parts and labour service
  • Warrants it work for 30 days

Nova Networks Inc., is located in Ottawa Ontario, with offices in Montreal Quebec, Calgary Alberta and Toronto Ontario.


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